"The Hog Rider! Having tamed the fierce leaping hog, the Hog Rider punishes those who hide behind their puny walls! Fueled by Dark Elixir, these warriors have never known defeat!" - Clash of Clans

The Hog Rider is the second unit to use strictly Dark Elixir. He wields a gray and gold hammer, wears a golden bangle on each wrist, and rides a hog about 1.5 times the Hog Rider's size.

The Hog Rider has five levels (also called tiers), with each progressive level making the Hog Rider stronger.

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Attack Type Melee
Housing Space 5
Training Time 2 minutes
Preferred Target Defenses


Level 1 (DARK BCKS. Lvl. 2)
Damage/second 60
Hit Points 270
Training Cost 40 dark elixir
Research Cost N/A
Research Time N/A


Level 2 (LABORATORY LVl. 5)
Damage/second 70
Hit Points 312
Training Cost 45 dark elixir
Research Cost 20,000 d.e.
Research Time 8 days


Level 3 (LABORATORY Lvl. 6)
Damage/second 80
Hit Points 360
Training Cost 52 dark elixir
Research Cost 30,000 d.e.
Research Time 10 days


Level 4 (LABORATORY Lvl. 6)
Damage/second 92
Hit Points 415
Training Cost 58 dark elixir
Research Cost 40,000 d.e.
Research Time 12 days


Level 5 (LABORATORY Lvl. 7)
Damage/second 105
Hit Points 475
Training Cost 65 dark elixir
Research Cost 50,000 d.e.
Research Time 14 days