"The Gold Mine produces gold. Upgrade it to boost its production and gold storage capacity." - Clash of Clans


The gold mine collects gold from an unlimited underground reserve (called the Ley Line) and stores it until collected by the player and placed into a Gold Storage. When the mine is full, production will be stopped until it is collected. The production rate and capacity depends on the level of the Gold Mine. One can estimate the amount of resources in the mine by looking at the bin on the right side of the mine.

A percentage of uncollected gold left in the gold mine can be stolen by attackers. An annoyance with mines is that, even though the cost to upgrade them is low, the time taken to complete them is relatively long.

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Level 1 (TOWN HALL Lvl. 1)
Starting Capacity 500
Production Rate 200/hour
Hit Points 400
Build Cost 150 elixir
Build Time 1 minute


Level 2 (TOWN HALL Lvl. 1)
Capacity 1,000
Production Rate 400/hour
Hit Points 450
Upgrade Cost 300 elixir
Upgrade Time 5 minutes


Level 3 (TOWN HALL Lvl. 2)
Capacity 1,500
Production Rate 600/hour
Hit Points 500
Upgrade Cost 700 elixir
Upgrade Time 15 minutes


Level 4 (TOWN HALL Lvl. 2)
Capacity 2,500
Production Rate 800/hour
Hit Points 550
Upgrade Cost 1,400 elixir
Upgrade Time 1 hour


Level 5 (TOWN HALL Lvl. 3)
Capacity 10,000
Production Rate 1,000/hour
Hit Points 590
Upgrade Cost 3,000 elixir
Upgrade Time 4 hours


Level 6 (TOWN HALL Lvl. 3)
Capacity 20,000
Production Rate 1,300/hour
Hit Points 610
Upgrade Cost 7,000 elixir
Upgrade Time 12 hours


Level 7 (TOWN HALL Lvl. 4)
Capacity 30,000
Production Rate 1,600/hour
Hit Points 630
Upgrade Cost 14,000 elixir
Upgrade Time 1 day


Level 8 (TOWN HALL Lvl. 4)
Capacity 50,000
Production Rate 1,900/hour
Hit Points 660
Upgrade Cost 28,000 elixir
Upgrade Time 2 days


Level 9 (TOWN HALL Lvl. 5)
Capacity 75,000
Production Rate 2,200/hour
Hit Points 680
Upgrade Cost 56,000 elixir
Upgrade Time 3 days

Level 10 (TOWN HALL Lvl. 5)
Capacity 100,000
Production Rate 2,500/hour
Hit Points 710
Upgrade Cost 84,000 elixir
Upgrade Time 4 days


Level 11 (TOWN HALL Lvl. 7)
Capacity 150,000
Production Rate 3,000/hour
Hit Points 750
Upgrade Cost 168,000 elixir
Upgrade Time 5 days