"The wizards have found yet another source of troops, the dark barracks allow you to train mysterious troops made from the ever rare dark elixir." - Clash of Clans


Dark Barracks allow you to train troops using Dark Elixir. These troops, which include the Minion, Hog Rider, Valkyrie, Golem, Witch, and Lava Hound, will be stationed in Army Camps. Like the Barracks, Dark Barracks are unable to function while being upgraded, considerably increasing the time it takes to increase your armies. This should be taken into consideration when deciding to upgrade a Dark Barracks.

You can speed up the training times of troops with gems, as well as with Boost which will speed up troop production for 45 minutes. The Boost option costs 25 gems and will increase the speed of the boosted Dark Barracks by 4 times. With the Christmas 2012 update, Barracks and now Dark Barracks doors glow when troop production is in progress thereby giving you a visual clue as to which Dark Barracks are producing troops and which are not.

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Level 1 (TOWN HALL Lvl. 7)
Hit Points 250
Starting Troop Minion
Initial Build Cost 750,000 elixir
Initial Build Time 3 days


Level 2 (TOWN HALL Lvl. 7)
Hit Points 300
Unlocked Troop Hog Rider
Upgrade Cost 1,250,000 elixir
Upgrade Time 5 days


Level 3 (TOWN HALL Lvl. 8)
Hit Points 350
Unlocked Troop Valkyrie
Upgrade Cost 1,750,000 elixir
Upgrade Time 6 days

Level 4 (TOWN HALL Lvl. 8)
Hit Points 400
Unlocked Troop Golem
Upgrade Cost 2,250,000 elixir
Upgrade Time 7 days


Level 5 (TOWN HALL Lvl. 9)
Hit Points 450
Unlocked Troop Witch
Upgrade Cost 2,750,000 elixir
Upgrade Time 8 days

Level 6 (TOWN HALL Lvl. 9)
Hit Points 500
Unlocked Troop Lava Hound
Upgrade Cost 3,500,000 elixir
Upgrade Time 9 days